Office Badger | The Power of Digital to Reduce Business Costs
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The Power of Digital to Reduce Business Costs

02 Oct The Power of Digital to Reduce Business Costs

The Power of Digital to reduce business costs

9 in10 South African adults own mobile phones, of that, about 7 are smartphones. The average user of a smartphone spends over three hours a day on the internet. Furthermore they spend two hours plus on social media – which makes online a worthwhile space to meet the consumer

  • Business registration – CIPC has made registration of businesses easy to do on the CIPC website.
  • Website – A website domain costs R79 and you can host a site on from R45 a month. If you don’t have that sort of money, you can use free online platforms that allow you to open and run a website for free
  • Communications – Social Media platforms are free, pair that up with apps that allow you to call, message, and conference at next to nothing and you are able to be in contact with clients online while keeping your operating costs for business communications at a minimum.
  • Advertising – R500 – R2000 allows for targeted ads on a website. The price goes even lower if you use Facebook. No longer do you need to pay exorbitant advertising prices for TV, Billboards or Radio Ads.
  • Online payment gateways – there are numerous payment gateways that can be linked to your website to sell your product online; the cost per transaction is also very affordable.
  • Accounting services – Online accounting solutions have made accounting more manageable, efficient and helpful in terms of providing great management accounts. From R205 per month gives you access to cloud accounting software which allows bank feeds to be linked in, visualisation of management accounts due to add on and tons more.

If you haven’t gone digital yet, now is the time. It just makes sense – for you, your clients and your bank account.


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