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South African Tax Ombudsman

15 Sep South African Tax Ombudsman

South African Tax Ombudsman


The office of Tax Ombudsman provides a simple mechanism for taxpayers to seek a resolution with SARS once they have exhausted all channels with the tax man.


The Tax Ombudsman is an independent office that can assist taxpayers by making a judgement on:


  • SARS rulings
  • Refund delays
  • Other tax related matters


The number of complaints lodged against SARS at the Tax Ombudsman has increased fifteen-fold from 156 in 2013/2014 to 2133 in 2015/2016. More importantly, the success rate of complaints ruled in favour of the taxpayer had increased from 80% to 87%. We await the 2016/2017 statistics as delays and errors at the SARS can cause huge issues for taxpayers in terms of cash flow.


The Tax Ombudsman found at the beginning of September 2017 that SARS had unfairly delayed refunds to taxpayers. SARS had blamed IT systems and fraudulent claims for the delays.


The Tax Ombudsman can be contacted here:


Click Here

0800 662 837 or


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