Office Badger | Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Office Badger knows you value your privacy and the privacy of your company. By submitting any data to us  you agree to our Privacy Policy below.

We only collect what we need

We only ask for information that we need to make our service the best it can be. You’ll know we have this information because either you will give it to us directly or you’ll expressly authorise someone else to give it to us (such as your accounting software provider).

We don’t share

We don’t share any of the information submitted to Office Badger with third parties.

If we sell Office Badger or if we merge with another company, the transaction will involve the sale of customer information. Under those circumstances, the acquirer of Office Badger will be bound by this Policy.

Clear and Transparent


We might change this Privacy Policy if we get lots of questions that indicate something is unclear. The copy of the Policy in place at the time we use a given piece of information is what controls the use of that information. If we change this Policy, we’ll let you know by posting an announcement or sending you an email.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy, please send us a detailed message at We will make every effort to resolve your concerns.