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Office Badger Overview

24 Sep Office Badger Overview

Office Badger, the most innovative accounting, tax and advisory company in Johannesburg, South Africa

Office Badger, South Africa’s most innovative accounting company, launched in 2015 to service small- and medium-sized businesses as well as corporates in Johannesburg. Office Badger was conceptualised and launched to challenge the current finance-related service offering to companies in Johannesburg, South Africa, namely, one that is characterised by a lack of client-accountant engagement, annual-only deliverables, and overpriced business services. Office Badger’s offering is centred around six core themes, namely: accounting, tax, advisory, analytics, financial service spend optimisation, and business lending.

Safety of sensitive financial and accounting information is of utmost importance to businesses. Office Badger understands the privacy and security challenges that are related to financial information – all accounting systems are designed to ensure maximum security.

Office Badger is the trusted accounting, finance, and tax business that employees love and CEOs trust

Office Badger’s offering is centred around six core themes, namely: accounting, tax, advisory, analytics, financial service spend optimisation, and business lending. Below is a description of each business service offering in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Office Badger managers all accounting, payroll and bookkeeping related services for your company. We provide administrative, bookkeeping, accounting, tax and payroll services to small and medium business in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Accounting, a traditional compliance-type service, is a necessity for all businesses. Office Badger aims to ensure that payroll and drafting of financial statements is accurate, complete, and timeous.


Office Badger ensures that your business remains compliant with SARS requirements and assists with structuring your business in a tax-efficient manner. Tax is a significant component of any business’ financial statements – we aim to minimise the impact tax has on your business and the administrative burden of the frequent engagement with SARS. We offer a broad range of tax services that span across business taxes, indirect taxes, and cross-border taxes.

Office Badger is able to guide organisations through the tax “minefield”. We support several businesses with tax guidance in Johannesburg which is the centre of economic activity in South Africa Often. Often, tax education to organisations results in significant tax savings.


Office Badger is able to advise on transactions between entities (M&A) in a cost-efficient manner. We provide independent transaction support, facilitate and drive stakeholder buy-in, support decision making, and ultimately a successful transaction. The typical stages of a transaction are contained below:


  • Overview industries as a whole including high-level market insights and analysis of business;
  • Identify of the key considerations, risks, and synergies;
  • Strategic recommendations in respect of the investment case for the transaction.


  • We are able to provide recommendations in relation to the corporate structuring of the entities involved in the transaction as well as its operations (people, process, systems).

Valuation and pricing

  • Based on the agreed structuring, we are able to provide an independent assessment of the valuation of operations (i.e. ensure the price is right).

Preparatory documents

Together with legal and other advisors (if applicable), Office Badger can assist in the preparation and review of the following documentation:

  • Documentation required by the seller in terms of the sale process;
  • Documentation required by the buyer in terms of the purchase process; and
  • Documentation required by relevant regulators, as appropriate.


There is no shortage of financial data in businesses in Johannesburg, South Africa today. However, making sense of data to enable business decision making and drive performance, i.e. the bottom-line, is the real challenge. Office Badger provides monthly and real-time analytics to organisations via our integration with Sage and Pastel. Office Badger provides clients with an overview income, expenses, profitability, customers, items, financial statements, trial balances, management accounts, financial ratios, and key financial metrics. Best of all, our analytics offering is free.

Our accounting and financial analytics delivers the power of financial data to business owners with a comprehensive, end-to-end business intelligence and analytics solution that’s built into your accounting system, for example, Sage and Pastel.

Although our analytics team is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we do support the whole of Gauteng and furthermore, South Africa.

Financial services spend optimisation

Business spend a significant amount on financial services, for example, point of sale devices, electronic transactions, debit orders, transactional information services, electronic banking, global trade, current accounts, savings accounts, accounting, tax, payroll, working capital management, cash products, and other financial products.

We aim to ensure your business uses the optimal financial product mix from the right providers (banks) at the best price. We are able to negotiate on behalf of your business for lower rates to minimises your expenses and drive profitability.


Negotiating with banks for loans, especially unsecured business loans, is difficult. Office Badger, as your accounting and tax service provider in Johannesburg, South Africa, assists businesses with detailed funding packs and business cases to support funding proposals. We have significant experience negotiating with banks to provide favourable lending terms to our clients.

Office Badger, the leader in accounting and tax services in Johannesburg

In summary, Office Badger provides:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Advisory
  • Analytics
  • Financial services spend optimisation
  • Lending
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