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06 Nov Retirement Annuity

Retirement Annuity Retirement Annuities commonly referred to as RA’s are an investment vehicle designed to save for (as the name says) retirement. They are an alternative to pension funds however it is possible to have both. Positives: Contributions are tax deductible Forces you to save for retirement Legislated...

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02 Nov Pension Fund

This is an investment vehicle established by a company to assist it’s employees in saving for retirement. Positives: Contributions are tax deductible. First R500 000 withdrawn is tax-free (at retirement). Power of compound interest to grow money for retirement.   Negatives: Only have access to 1/3 as a...

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26 Oct Do I need an audit?

Do I need an audit? The new Companies Act of 2008 reduces the onus for most small and medium sized businesses to have their financial statements audited on an annual basis. An audit is conducted by a registered auditor who expresses an opinion or gives assurance that...

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25 Oct Small Business Funding Options

Small Business Funding Options Equity Funding INVESTORS Advantages: Opportunity to raise larger amounts of money compared to alternative options No collateral Many investors can become mentors due to their experience No monetary repayments Flexible business arrangements (in most cases) Disadvantages: Lose some control of business due to new shareholders ...

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