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Author: Vangelis Kyriazis

17 Oct Let’s move to the Cloud

Let’s move to the Cloud Basically speaking, The Cloud is a system of piece of software hosted on the internet. With improved internet speeds in the last decade, software providers have been able to offer their service online instead of as download requiring installation on your...

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09 Oct Employee or Independent Contractor

Employee or Independent Contractor Many individuals question whether they are an employee or independent contractor for tax purposes. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options and guidance from SARS that determines your classification. Employee – benefits to you: Annual and sick leave under the Basic Conditions...

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15 Sep South African Tax Ombudsman

South African Tax Ombudsman   The office of Tax Ombudsman provides a simple mechanism for taxpayers to seek a resolution with SARS once they have exhausted all channels with the tax man.   The Tax Ombudsman is an independent office that can assist taxpayers by making a judgement on:   ...

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